Hi! Welcome to The Bean Workshop.

We create bookish merchandise for readers of all realms. Spicy romance readers and fantasy worlds travelers are all welcome here. 

The Bean Workshop

As lifelong readers ourselves, we understand the transformative power of books and the joy they bring to our lives. It was our love for literature, that inspired us to create a unique online store that combines our passion for reading with stylish and literary-inspired clothing.

At The Bean Workshop, we offer a carefully curated collection of clothing items that celebrate popular book series and capture the essence of beloved characters and stories. Our designs are not only fashionable but also pay homage to the magical worlds that have captured the hearts of readers worldwide.

Whether you're a fan of spicy romance novels or prefer the allure of fantasy adventures, our store has something for every book lover. From the Valhalla Club Sweatshirt, perfect for cozying up with a captivating romance, to the Princess Embroidered T-Shirt that adds a touch of whimsy to your everyday style, our clothing items are designed to make a statement and spark conversations.

Founded in 2022 in the charming city of Cocoa by Nguyet Minh Dao, The Bean Workshop is committed to providing high-quality products that combine literature and fashion in a unique way. As a woman-owned business, we take pride in supporting and empowering fellow women in the industry. 

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for a book-loving friend, we invite you to explore our collection and discover the magic of literature brought to life through fashion. Thank you for joining us on this literary journey, and we hope you find something that speaks to your bookish soul at The Bean Workshop.