From Page to Print: Meet the Authors and Their Books Inspiring Our Literary Designs - Part 1

From Page to Print: Meet the Authors and Their Books Inspiring Our Literary Designs - Part 1

For some, a book's journey ends with the final page. But for others, the story spills out, seeking new forms of expression.

Welcome to the The Bean Workshop, where literature leaps off the page and onto your favorite shirts.  We believe that a good story should be experienced with all your senses, and that includes your style.

Here, we'll be shining a spotlight on the incredible authors whose words have sparked our creativity. Each design in our collection is born from a deep admiration for their work, carefully crafted to capture the essence of their narratives, characters, and themes. And yes, every design is officially licensed, a testament to our commitment to honoring these literary giants.

Let’s begin with our first author, Sarah J. Maas and her books.

Sarah J. Maas is a New York Times bestselling author known for her captivating fantasy worlds and her immersive storytelling and characters that linger in your heart long after the final page. Step into the richly imagined worlds of Sarah J. Maas, a wordsmith who weaves tales of adventure, romance, and powerful heroines who redefine destiny.

With each series, Sarah J. Maas crafts worlds teeming with adventure, romance, and characters who rise above adversity to forge their own destinies. Prepare to be swept away by her captivating storytelling! 

Meanwhile, curious to see how we've captured the magic of these books? Explore our officially licensed collection about Sarah J. Maas' fantastic books series

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Throne of Glass

Enter a world shrouded in darkness and brimming with magic. This epic saga follows Celaena Sardothien, a young assassin offered a chance to win her freedom by becoming the King's Champion. But within the deadly competition and the opulent walls of the glass castle, Celaena uncovers a legacy far greater than she imagined, one tied to a lost kingdom and a destiny that could shatter the chains of tyranny.

Throne of Glass Merchandise Collection

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Journey to the enchanting and dangerous realm of Prythian, where Feyre, a huntress, becomes entangled with Rhysand, a High Lord shrouded in mystery and power. Amidst a world of ancient curses, seductive faeries, and perilous courts, Feyre will discover her own hidden strength and a love that defies every boundary.

ACOTAR Merchandise Collection

Crescent City

Dive into a modern metropolis pulsing with magic, where humans and Fae coexist in a fragile balance. , a half-Fae party girl, finds her world shattered after a brutal murder. Driven by vengeance, she joins forces with Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel bearing secrets of his own. Together, they navigate a treacherous underworld to uncover a conspiracy that threatens to destroy their city.

Cresent City Merchandise Collection

Happy Reading

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