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Chloe C. Peñaranda is the USA Today bestselling author of the Nytefall trilogy and An Heir Comes to Rise series. A lifelong avid reader and writer, Chloe discovered her passion for storytelling in her early teens. Her stories have been spun from years of building on fictional characters and exploring Tolkien-like quests in made up worlds

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  • It’s easy to forget the leaps we’ve taken when the steps forward become so small. But never forget you are still moving. You are challenging yourself with every day you decide to face your reality.
    - A Sword from the Embers

  • Was it possible to belong not to any place, but with a person? To find home not on land, but in another soul?
    - The Stars are Dying

  • What sped up my heart was sure to shatter it, but I didn’t think it belonged to me anymore.
    - The Stars are Dying